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Guardian Kaitiaki-T


Guardian Kaitiaki-T
artist : Isabelle Russell
Taken from Isabelle’s Guardian Kaitiaki Whale Tales design, watch and watch over, look at and look after, take and give, ebb and flow. Surrounded by coastline, Aucklanders are deeply connected to the ocean.
“Isabelle Russell is a freelance illustrator, cartoonist and artist living and drawing life in her hometown of Auckland’s North Shore. Isabelle is the resident cartoonist for the New Zealand Law Society magazine, has been published in The Listener magazine and The Times (East Auckland) newspaper, and recently signed with a New York-based licensing agency. From childhood, Isabelle has always loved to create. Her work is concept-led, with the aim of telling stories big and small and commenting on social issues through a playful lens. Isabelle primarily works digitally in Affinity Designer, mixing vector shapes and pixel brushwork. She also gets enthusiastically, and messily, hands-on with traditional media, and intends to expand her practice more into murals and sculpture. She is always keen to learn new techniques and ways of expression.”


Printed on AS Colour Organic Tee.
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