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YOUnique-T artist : 
AJ David
Time for some self love? ❤💙 Taken from artist, AJ David’s ‘Just Fowln around’ Whale Tales design, here’s a Tshirt to celebrate YOU, YOUr humanity & uniqueness. Which duck🐥are you? 

AJ David discovered the joys of art-making as a child and has refused to stop drawing ever since. She enjoys illustrating portraits, cartoons and comic strips based on her experiences, and drawings to give as gifts to family and friends, often applying her faith and humour throughout her work. AJ works mainly with pencil, ink pen and coloured pencils, though she maintains a keen interest in acrylic painting from her school years. Her goal as an artist is to create fun works that inspire and encourage, as well as entertain.


Printed on AS Colour Organic Tee.
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